Waste Of Time

The Unseen

Compositor: Mark Unseen / Scott Unseen

you want to think I have a problem
well think again it lies within you
you act so rude and immature
ill act the same I wont acknowledge you
but yet you still want to run your mouth
well why even waste your time
I despise your whole existence
and that's the bottom line

your a waste of time
don't waste my time

no need for adolescent gossip
fact is that you need to grow up
don't concern yourself with my life
because I could care less what you do

you say hello to my face
ingrates and sellouts to our backs
its no miscommunication
guts is something that you lack
your a jealous bitter waste of time
there is no need to pretend
I don't owe you a thing
don't act like we are friend

you wonder why I feel like this
come on open up your eyes
your all mindless and gutless
that is why I say

I could care less what you do
your just a waste of time

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